Q: Your airport prices are low, does this mean I could be sharing my taxi with someone else?

A: No, we would never expect you to share a taxi with other customers.

Q: When we land at the airport how do we find where you are parked up waiting for us?

A: We track your flight, when we get to the airport we will let you know via text that we are waiting for you and instruct on what you need to do.

Q: It costs £1 to exit the airport pick-up area, will we have to pay that on top of the money we have already paid?

A: No, the price we give you on confirmation of booking is the price you'll pay, no extra charges occur.

Q: Do you require the full payment on the outward journey to the airport?

A: No, you can pay half the cost on the outward journey then remaining balance on return journey, or full payment on outward journey, so we do require a payment on outward journey but it doesn't need to be the full cost.

Q: Is it only Newcastle airport you cover?

A: No, please contact us for a price on other airport destinations.

Q: Do your airport rates apply to more than 1 pick up/drop off?

A: When making your booking please specify all pick up points and we'll give you a set price, if the pick up points are close to each other then no extra cost will be made, contact us with the details.

Q: What if we are late getting to the airport, do you take responsibility?

A: No, we recommend you aim to get to the airport at least 2hrs prior to your flight time, from the Durham area's it can take anything from 25 minutes to over an hour to get to the airport depending on traffic. Please take this into account when booking your airport taxi, we will get you there as efficiently as possible and in a safe manner.

Q: So what details do you need for booking an airport return?

A: We need your name & contact number (the one you'll be using on return journey), pick up point, airport you're travelling to and the flight number of your return journey. Also you will need to state how many passengers are travelling and approximate number of cases.

Q: I'd like to pay by card, is this a service you offer?

A: Yes, this can be done over the phone or alternatively we can email or text you (your choice) a payment link (this will send you to our secure payment server where you can make payment).

Please be aware that card payments must be made 24hrs (or more) prior to your journey, drivers can't accept card payments, so please bare this in mind.